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Symmetry Athletic Training works closely with local schools and organizations by providing them with a Certified Athletic Trainer (s) for game and event coverage. Often times, contracts are established for services to take part for as long as an entire season or as short as a weekend sporting event.

An Athletic Trainer is an allied health professional that works under the direction and supervision of a licensed physician and in conjunction with Physical Therapists in the clinical setting. In the school setting, the Athletic Trainer coordinates efforts with the team and strength & conditioning coaches to provide health care and injury prevention strategies to the athletes. An Athletic Trainer provides on-site evaluation and treatment for the injured athlete, immediate first aid care, follow-up rehabilitation care, and specific conditioning programs for injury prevention.

Our multifaceted approach allow our clinicians to stand alone as innovators in the fields of Physical Therapy and athletic enhancement.  All of Symmetry’s Athletic Trainers are certified by the National Athletic Trainer’s Board of Certification (BOC), as well as fully licensed by the State of New York. All of our ATC’s have years of experience working with athletes in all settings and sports and are fully insured by Symmetry Physical Therapy’s professional insurance carriers.