Many things can cause back pain. Some injuries are more common than others, so it is best to know what type you are dealing with to get the proper treatment. If you are dealing with any sort of back pain, contact our team at Symmetry Physical Therapy. When you need physical therapy near New Rochelle NY that you can count on, our team will help you recover.

Our team will treat your back pain at its source. We will identify the root cause of your back pain so that we can treat it effectively and ensure a full recovery. 


Causes Of Back PainPhysical Therapy near New Rochelle NY

One of the most common types of back injuries is a herniated disc. A herniated disc happens when one or more disks in your spine become ruptured. This ruptured disk can make the surrounding vertebrae come in contact with nerve endings causing immense pain when walking, sitting, or standing.

Getting physical therapy for this injury is crucial to healing and getting back on your feet again; however, one must consult a doctor before beginning treatment. Physical therapy for herniated discs is done through exercises prescribed by a highly experienced physical therapist. Exercise routines are designed depending on the injury severity, but physical therapists typically recommend low-impact activities to avoid putting too much strain on the body.

Another common cause of back pain is from getting into accidents at work or on the road. These types of accidents usually involve some sort of impact, which typically affects your back muscles. If you were recently in a minor accident, you should exercise caution before getting physical therapy because it could worsen any muscle or joint damage.


Treating Back Pain

Massage therapy can help alleviate back pain. Depending on your injury and the location of the pain, a physical therapist may use massage therapy to alleviate tension and release pressure from the affected area. Massage therapy helps to improve blood flow and remove the tension from knotted muscles.


Physical Therapy Near New Rochelle NY

Physical therapy in New Rochelle NY, for back injuries, is crucial for getting desired results and helping sore areas heal faster than usual if you have injured your back. Contact a doctor first to diagnose your injury and then a physical therapist to design a personal regimen for you to follow.