You wear the best shoes, eat the right foods and wear the latest performance apparel but are you taking care of your body? Running with an improper gait or biomechanical flaw is like driving a car with unbalanced or warped tires. Parts are bound to break down at some point.

Identifying faults in your running stride is one of the surest ways to propel yourself to the next level. It allows you to improve your current performance and tap into your full potential. Certain biomechanical flaws in runners and race walkers typically result in recurrent injury patterns and prevent you from doing what you love to do. Our “Stride” Functional Gait Analysis program allows you to advance your training with the confidence that you are providing your body with the essential tools to go the extra mile.

Our “Stride” team will perform a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) as well as flexibility and muscle strength testing in the office setting. Once out on the track, our professionals will capture super slow motion video of your running gait pre and post fatigue. We will then perform a video analysis to properly breakdown your gait cycle and to identify certain flaws in your running pattern. Once the video is analyzed and comprehensive report generated along with pictures of your gait cycle pre and post fatigue, a customized strengthening and flexibility program will be taught to assist you in fixing the biomechanical breakdown you may be exhibiting. Our “Stride” Functional Gait Analysis team consists of Licensed Physical Therapy Doctors, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists, Kinesiologists and Certified Athletic Trainers. Fix those nagging injuries today and set up your evaluation while the weather is still on our side.

What Our Patients Are Saying

I signed up for Symmetry’s Gait analysis when I was getting ready to do my first marathon. I had been struggling with chronic hamstring pain and had a history of knee injuries so was very concerned about managing pain / preventing further injury as I ramped up my miles. I found the process tremendously helpful. I got some key feedback about my running form, and most critically, it helped me realize that I needed to stretch WAY more than I had been. Perhaps most critically, it helped me realize that IT band issues were part of the cause of my hamstring pain, and that regular foam rolling to increase blood flow would reduce pain / increase mobility. Thanks to this feedback, I was able to successfully run my first marathon without injury.

-Louise Kelly

Louise Kelly