Sports – particularly those that involve running and jumping – can be pretty strenuous on the body, putting a lot of pressure and wear and tear on your joints and muscles. It is not surprising that hip injuries are common among athletes who often fail to take precautions against potential hip injuries. If you experience a hip injury, contact Symmetry Physical Therapy for sports rehab physical therapy in Pelham.


Hip Injuries

Your hips are an essential part of your body, and if a part of your hip is not functioning correctly, it can affect many different parts of your body. It is crucial for an athlete to be aware of hip injuries and take precautions to avoid experiencing a severe injury. 

The most common hip injuries among athletes are those involving the tendons and ligaments of the hip. Most often, these injuries happen due to a sudden movement or by getting hit on the field. 


Hip Flexor Strain

One of the most common injuries is hip flexor strains. Your hip flexor is composed of 3 different muscles that help support your weight and move your legs. Injured hip flexors can impact your gait and make running and walking very painful. You can receive sports rehab in Pelham to recover from a hip flexor strain unless it is very severe.

Sports rehab physical therapy in Pelham

I.T. Band Syndrome

Another example of a typical hip issue is iliotibial band syndrome. This overuse injury occurs when the tendon on the outside of your hip becomes inflamed and irritated, usually due to too much impact or pressure. This condition is most common among runners and lacrosse players. I.T band syndrome can be alleviated with rest, icing, and therapeutic stretching. 



Another example is hip strain or tendonitis, which involves a tendon tear, usually due to overuse, sudden impact, or twisting. Fractures of the hip can also cause this condition.


Hip Fractures

A more severe injury involving the hips is a fracture or breakage of one or more bones, particularly at the top of the thigh bone where it meets with the hip. This condition is rare among young people who usually have a stronger bone structure, but it can happen to athletes, specifically those in contact sports like football.


Sports Rehab Physical Therapy in Pelham

If you have suffered a hip injury or you are experiencing hip pain, contact Symmetry Physical Therapy. Our team will thoroughly assess your injury so that we can successfully treat your pain at its source. To learn more about our sports rehab physical therapy in Pelham, go to our website or contact us today!