Playing sports comes with several benefits for your overall health and wellbeing. While participating in sports might be enjoyable and beneficial, it comes with risks that may put your body at risk.  Sports injuries affect millions of people each year. Even though you can’t really prevent sports injuries, you may be able to do things to lessen your risk. Specific stretches and resting can limit injuries. 


Common Types of Sports Injuries 


  1. Strains 

Since we use so many muscles and tendons when we exercise, strains are the most common of all sports-related injuries. Common muscle strains include pulled hamstrings, groin muscles, and quads. Most strains are considered minor and are healed naturally with rest. The best way to avoid straining muscles and tendons is to warm up and stretch before exercising and playing sports. 


  1. Sprains 

Sprains involve ligaments, which are the tissues that connect bone to bone. When ligaments turn the wrong way, they can pull or tear. Ankle sprains are one of the most frequent types of sprains among athletes, followed by knee sprains and wrist and elbow sprains. 


  1. Knee Injuries Sports Rehab in Tuckahoe NY 

Injuries in the knee, including the ACL, cartilage tears, dislocations, and fractures, are common among athletes. The knee is a complicated joint and endures a lot of impact and wear, making it susceptible to sports injuries. 


  1. Tennis Elbow 

Tennis elbow can happen to any athlete, not just tennis players. It is one of several “injuries of repetition,” a straining of the ligaments in the elbow due to overuse and repetitive activity. 


  1. Back Injuries 

Backs and spinal areas undergo lots of stress with many sports activities. Over time, the stress can accumulate into inflammation around the vertebrae and back muscles, sometimes creating injuries to the discs and causing back pain. Back treatments vary, but sports rehab in Tuckahoe NY is one of the best options for recovery. 


  1. Concussion

In contact sports, such as football, a concussion might occur when suddenly impacted at the head. Causing the brain to lurch inside the skull may damage the tissues holding it in place. Concussions can range from mild to severe and create several different symptoms. Always seek medical attention after a blow to the head. 


Sports Rehab in Tuckahoe NY 

For sports rehab in Tuckahoe NY, Symmetry Physical Therapy exists to cater to your needs. Specializing in assisting athletes, our trained physical therapists can create a custom recovery plan for you and your injury. Contact us today to request an appointment!