Symmetry Physical Therapy  provides our patients, business associates, insurers and employers, quality, cost-effective, outcome-oriented rehabilitation services. We strive to efficiently return our patients to the work force, the playing fields, and the independent lifestyle they are accustomed to. We empower our patients with skills in self-management, injury prevention, and the assumption of personal responsibility in the active care of their injury or condition. Contact us for physical therapy in Bronxville NY.

Physical Therapy Bronxville NY

We are committed to providing focused, individualized care for each patient to ensure an optimal outcome. We take a team-based approach to care, drawing on the skills of a group of talented therapists with specialized skills who are able to deploy a range of therapies to address each patient’s needs. The size of our practice allows for a perfect balance – small enough to provide personalized care, but with sufficient scale to offer services that are affordable.

Our goal is to become the best, most professional and well-respected provider of physical therapy and rehabilitation services in the region.

How Does the Graston Technique Help Injuries?

If you have pain in your muscles, the Graston Technique may be able to help you! Unlike other forms of manual therapy, the Graston Technique utilizes stainless steel instruments to help treat injured areas. If you need physical therapy Bronxville NY, visit Symmetry Physical Therapy! Our staff is trained to perform the Graston Technique, so you are guaranteed to be in good hands!

What Does the Graston Technique Do?Physical Therapy Bronxville NY

When your muscles become injured, your body tries to repair them by creating scar tissue. While the scar tissue does hold the muscle together, it is not as strong or flexible as healthy tissue. 

With physical therapy in Bronxville NY, the Graston Technique aims to relieve the pain caused by scar tissue by breaking it down and stretching the soft tissue underneath. By breaking down the scar tissue, the muscle can heal more durable than before and increase mobility. Injuries that the Graston Technique can help include:

  • Lower back strain or sprain
  • Achilles tendinosis
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Cervical sprain
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Rotator cuff tendinosis
  • Shin splints
  • Golfer’s elbow

If you have any of these injuries, physical therapy Knoxville NY can help!  

How Does the Graston Technique Work?

At your physical therapy Knoxville NY, appointment, one of our physical therapists will begin the Graston technique treatment by massaging the injured area with a specialized stainless steel instrument. With this instrument, your physical therapist will be able to find the spot where scar tissue has formed. Then, they will gently break up the tissue by using the instrument to massage it against the grain of the scar tissue. Your muscles will now begin to heal correctly, reduce your pain, and increase your mobility. 

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If you’re injured, let Symmetry Physical Therapy help you! Our compassionate and skilled physical therapists can help relieve your pain so you can get back to doing what you love to do! If you have any questions about the Graston Technique, or if you would like to make an appointment, visit our website or give us a call! We look forward to helping you get back on your feet!

What Are Common Knee Injuries?

Your knee is a lot more complex than you can even begin to realize. Holding the weight of your entire body on just a few bones and joints is the foundation of the way that we move throughout the day. This makes your knee extremely vulnerable to injury; some common knee injuries are fractures, dislocations, sprains, and ligament tears. At Symmetry Physical Therapy, we strive to efficiently return our patients to their jobs, the playing field, and the lifestyle they are used to. We want to empower our patients with skills in pain management, injury prevention, and personal responsibility in the care of their injury or condition. If you need Physical Therapy Bronxville NY contact our professional and experienced team.

What Is a Knee Fracture?Physical Therapy Bronxville NY

A knee fracture is when bones of the knee are broken during falls or even car accidents. Also, people who have osteoporosis can sometimes have a knee fracture simply by stepping the wrong way.

What Is a Knee Dislocation?

A dislocated knee is when the femur and the tibia are completely disconnected. A dislocated knee is fairly uncommon, but it can be potentially serious, and one should not try to reposition it without the help of a professional. 

What Is a Knee Sprain and Ligament Tear?

A knee sprain is an injury of the ligaments, tough bands of fibrous tissue that connect the bones of the upper and lower leg at the knee joint. The knee has four major ligaments; ACL, PCL, MCL, and the LCL. 

When To Get Treated For These Common Knee Injuries?

If you start to experience any of the following symptoms, you should seek professional guidance:

  • sudden, intense pain
  • swelling/stiffness/tenderness
  • bruising/redness/warmth
  • difficulty walking/popping sounds/instability/weakness

Treatment For These Common Knee Injuries

Knee Fracture:

  • A stable fracture is when the knee will stay in place and heal on its own
  • A displaced fracture is when the bone is broken and will need surgery
  • An open fracture is when the bone breaks through the skin, and surrounding tissue is damaged, surgery is needed

Knee Dislocation:

  • Your doctor might try some gentle stretching to help get your bones back into position.
  • After your bones are back in their normal position, the doctor may try to put your joint in a splint or sling for several weeks.
  • Unfortunately, you may need surgery to fix any major issue that has occurred.

Knee Sprain or Ligament Tear:

  • A mild to moderate knee ligament injury may heal on its own in time.
  • To speed up the healing process post-surgery, you should rest the knee as often as possible, avoid putting heavy weight on it and pressure of any kind.
  • I am also using ice, compression, elevation, and pain relievers. 
  • Doing muscle-strengthening exercises and wearing a protective brace will help with recovery.

Physical Therapy Bronxville NY

Although these are all common knee injuries, they can lead to more serious issues if not treated by a professional. You should keep an eye out for any pain that you may experience. Even if you feel that it is “nothing,” it could turn into something. Symmetry Physical Therapy will always be there to help you through this process! Contact us for Physical Therapy Bronxville NY.

Common Causes of Back Pain

Many things can cause back pain. Some injuries are more common than others, so it is best to know what type you are dealing with to get the proper treatment. If you are dealing with any sort of back pain, contact our team at Symmetry Physical Therapy. When you need Physical Therapy Bronxville NY that you can count on, our team will help you recover. Our team will treat your back pain at its source. We will identify the root cause of your back pain so that we can treat it effectively and ensure a full recovery. 

Causes Of Back PainPhysical Therapy Bronxville NY

One of the most common types of back injuries is a herniated disc. A herniated disc happens when one or more disks in your spine become ruptured. This ruptured disk can make the surrounding vertebrae come in contact with nerve endings causing immense pain when walking, sitting, or standing.

Getting physical therapy for this injury is crucial to healing and getting back on your feet again; however, one must consult a doctor before beginning treatment. Physical therapy for herniated discs is done through exercises prescribed by a highly experienced physical therapist. Exercise routines are designed depending on the injury severity, but physical therapists typically recommend low-impact activities to avoid putting too much strain on the body.

Another common cause of back pain is from getting into accidents at work or on the road. These types of accidents usually involve some sort of impact, which typically affects your back muscles. If you were recently in a minor accident, you should exercise caution before getting physical therapy because it could worsen any muscle or joint damage.

Treating Back Pain

Massage therapy can help alleviate back pain. Depending on your injury and the location of the pain, a physical therapist may use massage therapy to alleviate tension and release pressure from the affected area. Massage therapy helps to improve blood flow and remove the tension from knotted muscles.

Physical Therapy Bronxville NY

Physical Therapy Bronxville NY, for back injuries, is crucial for getting desired results and helping sore areas heal faster than usual if you have injured your back. Contact a doctor first to diagnose your injury and then a physical therapist to design a personal regimen for you to follow.

Common Hip Injuries

Sports – particularly those that involve running and jumping – can be pretty strenuous on the body, putting a lot of pressure and wear and tear on your joints and muscles. It is not surprising that hip injuries are common among athletes who often fail to take precautions against potential hip injuries. If you experience a hip injury, contact Symmetry Physical Therapy for Physical Therapy Bronxville NY.

Hip Injuries

Your hips are an essential part of your body, and if a part of your hip is not functioning correctly, it can affect many different parts of your body. It is crucial for an athlete to be aware of hip injuries and take precautions to avoid experiencing a severe injury. The most common hip injuries among athletes are those involving the tendons and ligaments of the hip. Most often, these injuries happen due to a sudden movement or by getting hit on the field. 

Hip Flexor Strain

One of the most common injuries is hip flexor strains. Your hip flexor is composed of 3 different muscles that help support your weight and move your legs. Injured hip flexors can impact your gait and make running and walking very painful. You can receive sports rehab in Pelham to recover from a hip flexor strain unless it is very severe.

I.T. Band Syndrome

Another example of a typical hip issue is iliotibial band syndrome. This overuse injury occurs when the tendon on the outside of your hip becomes inflamed and irritated, usually due to too much impact or pressure. This condition is most common among runners and lacrosse players. I.T band syndrome can be alleviated with rest, icing, and therapeutic stretching. 



Another example is hip strain or tendonitis, which involves a tendon tear, usually due to overuse, sudden impact, or twisting. Fractures of the hip can also cause this condition.


Hip Fractures

A more severe injury involving the hips is a fracture or breakage of one or more bones, particularly at the top of the thigh bone where it meets with the hip. This condition is rare among young people who usually have a stronger bone structure, but it can happen to athletes, specifically those in contact sports like football.

Physical Therapy Bronxville NY

If you have suffered a hip injury or you are experiencing hip pain, contact Symmetry Physical Therapy. Our team will thoroughly assess your injury so that we can successfully treat your pain at its source. To learn more about our Physical Therapy Bronxville NY, go to our website or contact us today!

What are Common Sports Injuries?

Playing sports comes with several benefits for your overall health and wellbeing. While participating in sports might be enjoyable and beneficial, it comes with risks that may put your body at risk.  Sports injuries affect millions of people each year. Even though you can’t really prevent sports injuries, you may be able to do things to lessen your risk. Specific stretches and resting can limit injuries. 

Common Types of Sports Injuries 

  1. Strains 

Since we use so many muscles and tendons when we exercise, strains are the most common of all sports-related injuries. Common muscle strains include pulled hamstrings, groin muscles, and quads. The best way to avoid straining muscles and tendons is to warm up and stretch before exercising and playing sports. 

  1. Sprains 

Sprains involve ligaments, which are the tissues that connect bone to bone. When ligaments turn the wrong way, they can pull or tear. Ankle sprains are one of the most frequent types of sprains among athletes, followed by knee sprains and wrist and elbow sprains. 

  1. Knee Injuries

Injuries in the knee, including the ACL, cartilage tears, dislocations, and fractures, are common among athletes. The knee is a complicated joint and endures a lot of impact and wear, making it susceptible to sports injuries. 

  1. Tennis Elbow 

Tennis elbow can happen to any athlete, not just tennis players. It is one of several “injuries of repetition,” a straining of the ligaments in the elbow due to overuse and repetitive activity. 

  1. Back Injuries 

Backs and spinal areas undergo lots of stress with many sports activities. Over time, the stress can accumulate into inflammation around the vertebrae and back muscles, sometimes creating injuries to the discs and causing back pain. Back treatments vary, but Physical Therapy Bronxville NY is one of the best options for recovery. 

  1. Concussion

In contact sports, such as football, a concussion might occur when suddenly impacted at the head. Causing the brain to lurch inside the skull may damage the tissues holding it in place. Concussions can range from mild to severe and create several different symptoms. Always seek medical attention after a blow to the head. 

Physical Therapy Bronxville NY

Symmetry Physical Therapy Bronxville NY exists to cater to your needs. Specializing in assisting athletes, our trained physical therapists can create a custom recovery plan for you and your injury. Contact us today to request an appointment!

Massage Therapy for Soft Tissue Damage

Are you experiencing soft tissue damage? Soft tissue supports and connects other tissues and surrounds the organs in your body. Soft tissue damage is when the body’s muscles, ligaments, or tendons experience trauma. Have you ever wanted to try massage therapy? Massage therapy is when a certified professional uses different types of pressure and movement to manipulate your soft tissues, such as your muscles, connective tissues, tendons, ligaments, and skin. If you’re interested, try out physical therapy in Bronxville NY, at Symmetry Physical Therapy, where the benefits go further than just pain relief and a quick recovery. 

The most common types of soft tissue damage:

  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • golfer/tennis elbow
  • Contusions
  • Tendonitis
  • Bursitis

There are different levels of severity for these kinds of injuries. There are two groups that your soft tissue injury could fall under. Group one is an acute injury that occurs from sudden trauma. And the second group is overuse injuries caused by overuse of the muscle, tendon, or ligament. There are two different groups your injury will fall in there are also three different grades.

Level of your soft tissue injury:

  • Grade 1: mild, only fibers are damaged, typically occurs from over-stretching, some pressure can be applied to the injury.
  • Grade 2: moderate, could be tearing, which results in looseness; no pressure can be applied to the injury.
  • Grade 3: severe, complete tear, no pressure can be applied to the injury, long recovery time, instability.

Getting physical therapy in Bronxville NY, at Symmetry Physical Therapy will help your injury recover quickly to get back to your everyday activities. Here we will help remove muscle tensions to reduce pain from the soft tissue, increasing flexibility. Here is Symmetry Physical Therapy. If you get physical therapy in Bronxville NY we do lymphatic drainage massage strokes. These strokes consist of stationary circles, scooping, pump, and rotary technique.

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