Treating Muscle Strains


Muscle strains are tears in the muscle or tendon that can cause pain, swelling, and bruising. Physical injuries like muscle strains happen all the time. Whether it’s from playing a sport or doing the heavy lifting at work, the strain itself may still be sore for a few days but will usually go away on its own within a couple of weeks if you do the right things. Suppose you are struggling with a muscle strain and need Physical Therapy near New Rochelle NY, contact Symmetry Physical Therapy

Treating Muscle Strains

Physical therapy can help you regain your strength promptly by using different treatments to recover from muscle strains fast. The most common treatment for muscle strains is laser therapy or light therapy. This is when an intense beam of light is applied directly on the area with the strain in order to promote pain relief, increase blood circulation, and speed up the healing process.

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Another standard treatment to use for muscle strains is ultrasound therapy. Ultrasound causes deep heating on the injury site, which helps reduce swelling and tissue damage. This kind of therapy for muscle strains will also help decrease pain levels by numbing specific nerves in the affected area.


Massage is another physical therapy that is used to treat muscle strains. There are two different types of massage that you can use – the first is a light manual massage that helps decrease pain, while the second uses deeper pressure to stretch out the muscles and tendons in the area.


A little-known physical therapy treatment for muscle strains is cupping therapy. This means using a round suction cup on the injured area. This will create a slight vacuum between the skin and the cup, which helps increase blood flow to the area and reduce swelling.

At-Home Remedies

In addition to those physical therapy treatments for muscle strains, there are other ways that you can try at home to heal your injury faster. Using compression on the injury site will also help reduce swelling. You can use an elastic bandage to wrap this part of your body tightly, which will prevent further damage and allow you to move on with your day-to-day life without having to suffer through too much pain. Also, be sure that you give yourself enough time in between activities to heal correctly. 

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