What Are The Benefits of Physical Therapy?


Physical therapy, also known as physiotherapy, is a form of rehabilitation that can help people with injuries live healthy lives. Whether it’s recovering from knee surgery, helping someone with chronic back pain, or teaching an athlete how to properly stretch their muscles before they play sports, physical therapists are there to guide them through the healing process. If you need physical therapy in New Rochelle NY, contact the Symmetry Physical Therapy team after an injury.

Lower Body InjuriesPhysical Therapy in New Rochelle NY

People recovering from injuries, such as knee surgery or hip replacements, are often prescribed physical therapy to speed up recovery. During their time in therapy, they will learn how to properly stretch and strengthen their muscles again so that when they recover enough to return home, they can easily transition without any recurring pain.

Back Injuries

Another way that physical therapy helps people is by treating chronic back pain. Often, people who suffer from chronic back pain experience stiffness and tight muscles. A physical therapist will work on manipulating the patient’s body to help them deal with their current condition. If a patient is suffering from a herniated disc in the back, the physical therapist will instruct them on lifting objects so their muscles can stay strong without straining the disc properly.

A therapist will use massage therapy, cupping treatment, ultrasounds, Kinesio taping, and more! Our team provides expert physical therapy in New Rochelle NY. To learn all the ways we can help, contact our team!

Sports Injury

Athletes who often have trouble warming up before sports are often recommended to go through physical therapy. A physical therapist will work with the athlete to stretch out specific muscles that they need. Symmetry Physical Therapy will provide treatment plans for athletes to help them achieve their recovery goals. It is also important for athletes to be aware of how they can avoid it and our team can help with that.

Recovery Services

Another great benefit of physical therapy is recovery services for athletes. Athletes need to take care of their bodies to continue to perform at their highest level. Athletes must take time to recover after they have trained, or it could lead to injury. Symmetry Physical Therapy offers modalities like the GameReady compression sleeves, cupping therapy, and assisted stretching. 

Physical Therapy in New Rochelle NY

These treatments all help to increase blood flow, reduce swelling and soreness. If you are an athlete and need help taking care of your body, contact the experts at Symmetry Physical Therapy. Our team will provide physical therapy in New Rochelle NY to help you recover.