The ability to improve our body’s function is sometimes a difficult task. Many Americans are in constant motion and rarely have time to unwind. Symmetry Physical Therapists can treat many injuries and give a patient the ability to recover from various medical conditions. However, sometimes Physical therapy near New Rochelle NY will provide a patient with braces or tape options to help alleviate pain. One Example of the tape that Physical Therapists like to prescribe is Kinesio Tape. 


What Is Kinesio Tape?

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The tape is flexible and mimics human skin. Its materials consist of cotton and nylon fabric. The inter-woven fabric has an adhesive backing that allows it to stick directly onto the skin. Materials used in the tape provide the user with a durable product that is suitable for long-term use. Although many athletes use the tape product, Physical Therapists near New Rochelle, NY, feel that any patient can use the tape outside of physically demanding activities. 

Kinesio Tape Health Benefits 

Symmetry Physical Therapists would recommend Kinesio tape to patients who have underlying conditions listed below:

  • Pour Blood Circulation – Studies show that receiving increased blood flow to injured areas benefits the recovery process. 
  • Joint Pain– the application of tape creates a space between joints and the skin. This helps the body to compress swelling. 
  • Fluid improvement– Kinesio tape aids the Lymphatic System’s ability to function. Kinesio Tape gives the body an area for the body to focus on and recover. 

All of the conditions listed above are some health benefits Kinesio tape provides. The tape raises the skin and creates open space between the internal body and the skin. Open space under the skin allows the brain to send different signals to an injured area and help heal the body. Kinesio tape can help circulate blood flow and allow the body to recover naturally.


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Who knew that the simple application of Kinesio tape could offer so much to the patient’s recovery! Symmetry Physical therapy near New Rochelle NY is willing to help individuals to regain the strength they deserve. If you have any questions on Kinesio tape or any other injuries, don’t be afraid to contact us on our website