Radial Shock Therapy is a treatment method offered by Symmetry Physical therapy in Purchase NY, to support patients with orthopedic disorders and can be used to provide support to injured tissue through low-level electrical stimulation. This kind of treatment can be very safe and can be revolutionary in relieving pain caused by a variety of different conditions. 

How Does Radial Shock Therapy Work?Physical therapy in Purchase NY

As a non-invasive form of care, radial shock wave therapy is performed by focusing pressure on the injured area using a sound head device that can be connected to a handpiece and is then accelerated to provide radiating support throughout the tissue. This treatment has been acknowledged in the world of sports medicine and can help minimize pain in the following areas:

  • Rotator Cuff
  • Distal Quadricep
  • Posterior Tibial
  • Achilles

Specifically for athletes, this kind of treatment can be a great way to resolve injuries through modern healing. Still, this Physical therapy in Purchase NY can benefit any patients in need. For more information on our shock therapy services, click here!

Financial Benefits of Radial Shock Wave Therapy

While trying such a new form of treatment can appear intimidating and expensive, we are here to help reassure you of its convenience as well as its long-term financial benefits. Here are some of the answers to your most common concerns:

  • How long do radial shock wave sessions last?

 Therapy sessions can often be as short as 30 minutes each and may only be needed once per week throughout a patient’s care. 

  • How long after radial shock wave treatments can I begin playing sports?

Patients will likely be able to make a gradual return to intensive physical activity throughout their treatment, based on the intensity of their condition. 

  • What are the treatment’s side effects? 

The effects of radial shock therapy are significantly less troublesome than that of surgical treatment options. Still, it is important to recognize the potential for mild bruising, swelling, and numbness to occur.

If you are interested in receiving support for Physical therapy in Purchase NY, and feel that this treatment might be the solution for you, contact us to learn more or schedule an appointment!

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